ಸುಮಲತಾರಿಂದ ‘ತಲ್ವಾರ್’ ವಿಮರ್ಶೆ

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Just watched the movie Talvar

sumalatha ambarish

Sumalatha Amarnath

The movie succeeds exactly where the book by Avirook Sen ‘Arushi’ based on the same case fails
Excellent writing by my favorite Vishaal Bhardwaaj and the most unobtrusive picturisation by Meghna Gulzaar , makes this terrible tragedy come alive as if its happenning in front of your eyes . And Irfaan Khan …is there any bettetalvar1r actor on the Indian movie scene right now ? He is an absolute delight..

but the movie makes you feel so depressed about the way our Police and Investigation officers handle such important matters relating to life & death . Without commenting or taking sides the movie shows the several sides of the truth leaving you to draw your own conclusions…that any sane-minded person would arrive at very easily.

This is a case which most of us have heard about & followed yet you learn so many unknown details it which leave you stunned.

Kumeghna gulzardos to the excellent research work by the team.

Now noone might ever truly know who were the killers or how it happenned…but beyond doubt the Noida police and the 2nd investigating are truly the murderers of truth ..and yet again…you are left only with feelings of hopelessness about the way our whole system works.

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