ಎಂಡಿಎನ್ ಕಂಡಂತೆ ‘ಪಿಂಡ’

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  1. G Narayana says:

    One should always be dignified in while commenting on anyone otherwise it will reflect on the commentator’s cultural standards
    There are lots of positive criticism which can be used instead of negative so that the society will remain healthy

  2. Kiran says:

    A professor uses the Aryan theory to push his agenda?
    British started this fake theory for their own purpose, but some selfish liberal leaders, after we got the so called independence, instead of correcting and rewriting the history textbooks use the same theory for their own purposes!
    Only in India we such paradoxes and this is the same reason India will never ever achieve true independence in real sense…

  1. December 25, 2017

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