‘At The End of Your Magnum Opus… I Felt Reduced to a Vagina – Only’

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  1. C. N. Ramachandran says:

    Dear Swara Bhasker: Yours is not a ‘letter’ to Bhansali but a ‘Manifesto’ of your courage, concern and deeply felt pathos. It reminded me of the moving speech Sheridan is supposed to have made on behalf of the Begums of Oudh, and, coming to modern times, of Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own.’ Your essay is so moving that any male (including me) feels embarrassed for being a male, at least for a moment.
    Do you remember the ‘enchanting’ song sung by Anarkali at the end of the film “Anarkali”? (“Ye zindagi useeki hai . . .”) I saw it when I was a college student and went home humming that song. But today, I get indescribably angry remembering that scene -here is a young woman (in her 20s), being buried alive brick by brick; can anybody imagine her fears, her pain, her total despair? And, in such a situation she is supposed to sing a melodious song which blanks out all her suffering and pain. “Padmavat” is only a variation of Anarkali and numberless other women who, the males think, die singing. It is — it is so heartless.
    I hope against hopes that in future Bhansali and his likes will not produce similar films or stories, in the name of ‘verisimilitude.’
    One of your admirers,
    C. N. Ramachandran

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